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Young, Good-Looking Party Band CALL... 2 x 45 minutes

Pure Variety, Stylishly Presented


Logic X1296 Sound System
6 x Logic speaker cabs
Drive Rack PA complete EQ & Loudspeaker Management
Chevin A1000 & A3000 Amps DBX Pro 266XL Compressor
Allen & Heath Mixwizard3 WZ3:16:2 Mixing Desk
4 x Wharfedale Monitors
Full 3000W Par Can rig
4 x Motorised Rotating Lighting Effects Units
Smoke Machine
4 x Shure SM58 Vocal Mics
Fully Mic'd Drum Kit
Bass & Guitar Vox Pedals & Backline
Technics SXP-50 Stage Piano
Roland XP-50 Synthesiser

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